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Overview of Irish Corporate Law

corporate lawIrish company law is governed by the Companies Acts 1963-2013 and by case law of the Irish courts. Where there has not been a ruling of the Irish courts on a point of law, decisions of the English courts are regarded as being of ‘persuasive value’ or of guidance as to how an Irish court would be likely to view the matter.
The Companies Bill 2012 was published on 21 December 2012 based on the work of the Company Law Review Group.

The Companies Bill 2012 is receiving legislative consideration and will return to the Seanad in late 2014. The Bill will implement recommendations of the Company Law Review Group to consolidate, modernise and reform company law in Ireland and represents the culmination of more than a decade of policy review of Irish company law. It involves major changes to company structures and corporate governance.

Companies in Ireland are also subject to European measures such as the Shareholders’ Rights Directive implemented by the Shareholders’ Rights (Directive 2007/36/EC) Regulations 2009 (SI No. 316 of 2009).